Metal Awnings

Weathershield Limited is the supplier to the trade of Awning Installers. We have the capacity to roll-form awnings slats in various colours complete with all the requirements for easy Installation.

Our aluminium clamshell awnings are professionally installed on your windows, doors and porches. They shield your windows from the direct rays of the sun, keeping your home, business or workplace cooler in summer and protecting it from rain, snow and adding extra life to your windows and doors.

Our metal awnings are precision-fabricated with low-maintenance materials. They are a solid investment you will appreciate for many years and they come in a variety of colours and materials.

Aluminium awning material can also be used for metal carports. They are a great way to protect your car without spending a lot of money on a garage. Once a metal awning is in place, it is virtually maintenance-free. There are no problems with the material warping, bowing, or stretching. Rain or shine, an aluminium awning will perform its job for years and years without the worry.

The objective of a solid awning is to block direct sunshine and weather from occupants as they enter or exit your building. In addition, awnings may also serve as a sunshade over windows to block direct sunlight from entering your living space

The use of awnings should provide the desired functionality while providing an attractive architectural element to your building. Utilize them over windows and doors, or combine them with our sunshade louvres, to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Awnings can be painted with baked enamel, or have an anodized finish applied. A variety of standard colours are available. Custom colours can be selected by sending us a colour chip.

At Weathershield Limited not only do we install and service custom clamshell aluminium awnings, but we specialize in their manufacture. This means we do not go to another source for awnings and hardware because we fabricate them at our own factory. Why pay more when you can buy direct and save while enjoying our quality products?

Contact us today and we’ll help you get your projects off the ground with competitive prices and thorough expertise.
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