Torch-On Waterproofing Membrane (TOM)

Torch-on membrane waterproofing is a type of waterproofing method used in various places like flat roofs and balconies, just to name a few. It creates a comparatively strong membrane layer that is made up of polymers and bitumen that protects that layer against moistures and dampness. Due to this property, the torch-on membrane can effectively stop water from pooling on certain parts of a surface.

One kind of torch on waterproofing technique involves the use of a heated torch to melt the layer onto the surface. Despite this procedure, the torch on membrane waterproofing method is still considered environmentally-friendly, making it an effective and reliable solution for waterproofing projects.

Types of Torch On Membrane

There are basically two kinds of torch-on membrane – Atactic Polypropylene Plastic modified asphalt (APP) and Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS).
The Atactic Polypropylene Plastic modified asphalt technique uses a heated torch to melt the material. On the other hand, Styrene Butadiene Styrene is a kind of rubber-modified asphalt that does not torch well enough but is suitable for areas that require highly flexible sheets and built up walls.

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