All DECRA products are manufactured from steel, a noncombustible material, have a Class A fire rating, a transferable 50-year limited warranty, covering manufacturing defects including loss of appearance and/or excessive granule loss - a 120 mph wind-uplift warranty and are Class 4 impact resistant to UL 2218, the highest available rating.

With advancements in technology, the manufacturing process has changed since 1957. Today, multiple layers of durable materials are fused together to increase resiliency and strength. DECRA panels start with 26-gauge structural grade steel, with a minimum tensile strength of 37ksi. The steel is coated with an aluminum-zinc ally coating which helps protect exposed cut edges, drilled holes and scratches. Next, an acrylic priming system is added to enhance the adhesion properties of subsequent coatings. An acrylic resin binder is then applied. The resin bonds the stone granules to the steel, protecting the underlying materials from water and UV light. 

The final layer consists of ceramic coated stone granules sealed with an acrylic glaze for an appealing finish. Available in several colors for each profile, DECRA has a profile and color scheme to match any design, including a Mist Grey finish that meets Energy Star reflectivity requirements and qualifies for a tax credit from the federal government. DECRA products also comply with Florida Building Codes, Miami Dade requirements and Texas Department of Insurance impact resistance guidelines. 

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