• Foam Moulding
    Foam Moulding

    As a multi-faceted specialty production and fabrication company, we create custom EPS foam products using state of the art CAD systems, coating equipment and hot wire cutting machines. Weathershield Limited uses the best coatings and finishes available in the industry, such as polyurethane hard...

  • Santafe Clay Tiles
    Santafe Clay Tiles
    The raw materials have always been the same, provided by Mother Nature. Santafé believes that the magic within clay products is achieved by the skills of the “Artisan”. That is why we have worked so hard to find the perfect balance between technology and tradition...
  • Monier Tiles
    Monier Tiles
    With offices in over 40 countries, MONIER is one of the leading roofing companies worldwide. Supplying quality roofing products and developing innovative ones for sustainable building which are geared to meeting the requirements of today’s and of future generations, has top priority at MONIER.
  • Cedar Shingles
    Cedar Shingles
    Our Prestained Cedar Shingles provide long lasting beauty at half the cost of on-site staining. Available in a wide array of colors, our Red Cedar Shingles, White Cedar Shingles, and Cedar Valley Shingle Panels, gives your home a customized look with traditional charm. Installation is fast and easy.
  • Vicbern Tiles
    Vicbern Tiles

    Widely versatile and remarkably durable, metal roof tiles are used for residential purposes in a way that is both appealing and functional. Metal roof tiles resemble different styles and roof profiles, from Spanish and mission tile, to slate roofs and Victorian metal tiles.

Seamless Gutter System

Seamless Gutter System - Weathershield LimitedWeathershield Limited is an expert at installing seamless gutters. We understand the problems associated with having ineffective gutters and drainage on your home. Our gutter professionals have worked with all shapes and types of gutters and our expertise allows us to select and provide you with the best possible gutter solution for your home.


Your new gutters will not only perform brilliantly and handle whatever the weather thows at them, but they will also look great! We can provide long lasting seamless gutters in an impressivly large selection of colors that will either match or compliment the color of your home. Bye, Bye Ugly Gutters.

Seamless gutters are a surprisingly affordable home improvement with several benefits...

  • Helps prevent basement flooding by keeping channeling rainfall safely away from home.
  • Protects landscaping from erosion.
  • Keeps the exterior of home clean from mud and sand caused by splashing water.
  • Protects sidewalks and concrete slabs from sinking due to over saturation.
  • Helps preserve stained wood decks, doors, and garages.
  • Greatly reduces hazardous icicles.
  • Seamless gutters are much more attractive than traditional gutters with unsightly seams and joints.